Asset Class Global Fixed Income

Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Access to a set of sustainable and responsible issuers selected using a proprietary method of analyzing over 2,900 environmental, social and governance performance data points. 
  • Provides a broad selection of global sustainable corporate credit and sovereign debt, combining ESG labeled debt with issuers who exhibit strong ESG characteristics, with the aim of providing greater diversification for investor portfolios. 
  • With credit ratings that are typically investment grade, these assets are in the low risk category. 

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Konstantin Boehmer, MBA

Senior Vice President, co-Lead of the Fixed Income Team & Head of Global Macro and Quantitative Analytics

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 2003

Steve Locke, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, CIO Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies, Co-Lead of the Fixed Income Team

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1995




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