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Sustainable Investing

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positive results

Our mission is to create a more invested world together, where all stakeholders can be better off. See how we are driving change toward a sustainable future in our 2022 sustainable investing report.

of our assets consider ESG*

We’ve invested in better insights, leading technologies and dedicated expertise that aspire to deliver competitive client outcomes.

of investors want to learn
about sustainable investing

but less than one-third are having that conversation with their advisor.** We’re invested in helping you provide clarity on sustainability so you can have meaningful conversations with your clients.

growth in Mackenzie’s
sustainable investment solutions
in AUM since 2020***

Whether it’s a sustainable core solution or a more focused thematic approach, our investment boutiques have the expertise to incorporate sustainability into creating competitive solutions you can feel good about.

Latest news and insights

Low interest rates exacerbate both the debt bubble and environmental challenges

In this Q1 Greenchip commentary update, John Cook and Greg Payne summarize the events that happen in equity markets with the banking crisis, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and provide their views on opportunities and challenges in the first quarter.  

Sustainable Investing and fixed income

Why invest in sustainable bonds? As the world changes, investors are demanding solutions from both companies and governments that better reflect their values.

2023 Environmental outlook

Our sustainability experts weigh in on the challenges and opportunities in the environmental space. 

Renewable energy opportunities: public and private markets

Find out more about how John Cook and Greg Payne are viewing these opportunities and the benefits they present to their portfolio.

Reporting and policy statements

View all sustainability-related policies, reports, and disclosures. 

* Based on Mackenzie Investments Internal calculation December 2022

**Source: 2022 RIA Investor Opinion Survey
***IFIC / Simfund data from December 2020 to December 2022. For sustainable strategies, based on AUM (AUM was $3.91 Billion for Mackenzie at the end of December 2022; $1.12 Billion at the end of December 2020)

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