Mackenzie Global Macro Fund

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Global macro strategy

Todd Mattina, Senior Vice-President, Chief Economist, Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team co-lead, discusses the Mackenzie Global Macro Fund and how its expanded toolbox can take advantage of differing market conditions.

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An absolute return, global macro strategy can offer your portfolio built-in diversification and reduced volatility.

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Why invest in this fund?

  • Focused on Absolute Return - Aims for an annualized absolute target return of 5% - 9% above cash and an annualized expected volatility of 7% - 11% over a 5-year rolling period. 
  • Increased Portfolio Diversification - Long & short positions across a variety of global assets can potentially reduce a traditional portfolio’s reliance on narrow source of returns from stocks and/or bonds.
  • Breadth of Strategy - Utilizes relative value trading strategies based on the portfolio managers’ forecasted changes in global macro-economic variables to seek returns that can complement traditional strategies.

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Nelson Arruda, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Team Co-Lead

Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team

Investment experience since 2009

Todd Mattina, Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President, Chief Economist, Portfolio Manager, Team Co-Lead 

Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team

Investment experience since 2001




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