2022 Outlook:
Challenging, not insurmountable

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, 2022 presents both challenges and opportunities for investors. Read about key short- and long-term trends that we believe will help shape the future of capital markets.

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2022 Outlook: The bumpy road to “normal”

From supply chain disruptions to higher inflation, potentially rising interest rates and ongoing policy reforms in China, there’s no shortage of near-term challenges. With the resurgence of the services side of the economy, we see enough momentum to stave off recession and deliver reasonable growth for investors.


Long-term Outlook: Navigating through lower growth projections

Over the last year, the financial position of many institutional investors has strengthened due to robust valuations. With longer-term returns expected to be lower than recently realized gains, institutional investors should consider adapting their strategic asset allocations to maintain their targets. 

2021 in review


2021 in review: Stocks to the moon!

In a year filled with uncertainty, equity markets defied expectations, many soaring to all-time highs as the economic recovery roared on.

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