Business building by Mackenzie Practice Management

Grow your business and expertise with business building resources.

These materials are designed to help enhance your practice, build and nuture client relationships and take your financial advisory skills to the next level.

Building your business

Whether you're looking to grow, sustain or transition your business, showcasing your value and services is important. In this section you can find toolkits aimed to help you understand business-building strategies and implement them into your own practice.

Fee-based Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you assess and guide you when considering a transition to a fee-based practice.

Building client relationships

Your business relies on communicating and building trust with your clients. It's more than choosing the right investments - it's about understanding your clients' current and future needs and educating them to make the right choices when it comes to reaching their goals. In this section you will find toolkits to help you build strong relationships with clients through any stage of life.

Building yourself

Whether you're leading a team or your clients, it's important to build the skills necessary to create an impact. In this section we provide insights that can help improve your ability to lead a client or team through anything that comes up.

Education Center

Mackenzie's Continuing Education Centre

Practice Management Team

dart in the center of a board

Larry Distillio

Larry Distillio is Assistant Vice-President Practice Management with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career he has worked with thousands of advisors, written many articles for industry publications and been invited to speak as a keynote speaker at industry conferences and advisor workshops.


Rachel E. Martin

Rachel Martin is the Manager of Practice Management based out of Toronto who specializes in technology for financial advisors across Canada. Her consulting expertise include helping advisors build a strong social media presence and leverage the platform to grow their business. In addition to consulting, she has been a keynote speaker at industry dealer conferences.

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