Impact Innovation

Delivering fixed income with deep expertise and a modern mindset – keeping you ahead of the curve.

Modern portfolio innovation

The investment landscape is constantly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities for investors. As an innovation leader, Mackenzie offers a range of innovative investment solutions to help investors achieve distinct goals. Through innovation, we help create a more invested world, together.

Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund

Are your clients looking for ways to invest sustainably? Our fund is backed by future-focused experts and an innovative ESG practice, providing diversification and a real impact.  Also available in an ETF.

Sustainable Fixed Income Opportunities

The growing range of sustainable investing products can be overwhelming: this white paper breaks down how sustainable debt can benefit your portfolios and the environment. 

Innovation at Mackenzie

Combining a broad shelf of innovative products with asset allocation expertise, we help advisors build modern portfolios. Our lineup of recently launched innovative investment funds are designed to help achieve better client outcomes.

Build modern portfolios with Precision Analytics

Our powerful fund and portfolio analysis tool helps you research investments, compare performance, build portfolios, and generate reports easily. Try it today.